image courtesy of Marie Marry Me wedding videography

"having a photographer and videographer working together on your wedding day is all about mutual cooperation"

Clients often ask me to recommend a videographer if they have decided to include video coverage of their special day and I am more than happy to put forward people that I worked with in the past, produce really good quality work, and are also really nice people to work with.

I often think that working together in quite small spaces at close proximity is very much like a choreographed dance, we know where to be without appearing in the background of the other persons shot but also we know to make room and share the space that is available, this is the mutual cooperation that is so important for both of us to get the best shots but also to remain as invisible as we can during the day, after all the day is about celebrating the bride and the groom coming together in front of family and friends to re-affirm their commitment to each other and no one wants to see the photographer and videographer tripping over each other!

image courtesy of Marie Marry Me wedding videography

"helping each other"

If we can help each other on the wedding day we are both going to get much better results. When I arrive at the wedding venue the first thing that I do is to photograph all the detail shots shot as the wedding dress, the shoes, the rings etc and will leave them all in place for the videographer if the have not yet arrived. They might move them to different parts of the room or venue ( we are all creative in different ways) but at least they do not need to go hunting for them when they arrive.

Particularly during the service is important that we cooperate very closely, making sure we are not in the background of each others shots but also sharing the space so we can both get the important shots of the day that can happen in a blink of an eye.

With some videographers that I have worked with on a regular basis we do this with a nod of the head, facial expressions or softly mouthed words, it seems such a small thing but it can make the difference to both of us getting on with each other.

image courtesy of Neil Evans videographer

"i am thinking of getting my friend to video on the day"

Fair enough if your friend is a professional videographer but even then the dynamics of recording a wedding day are very different from other types of scenarios, I know, I was once a professional tv cameraman working freelance for the BBC , ITV and Channel 4.

Sometimes there is little choice if the couple wish to get their friend to video parts of the day for them but what I would say is from my past experience this could end very badly. I am always as helpful as I can be and will often run through a few key things to watch out for during the wedding but often it is the lack of experience and awareness that makes the difference. I photographed a wedding where the friend who was doing the video was in almost all of my bride and bridal party entrance shots and even followed them down the aisle, getting carried away with the moment I suspect but even after that, would pop up in most of my photographs during the ceremony as well which compromised my framing and the type of photographs that I could take.

"wedding videographers recommendations"

As I said before, I am more than happy to recommend videographers that I know and that I have worked with in the past. They all have a different approach to videoing weddings much the same as us wedding photographers, their pricing is different and so are styles so it is important that your expectations and your budget align and choose the person best suited to what you want from your wedding day video.

Below are my recommendations, in no particular order of preference, some are based in France, others Spain and some in the UK but don't let that put you off, they are all happy to travel. I have made some good friends working with these professionals and am always glad to see them on the wedding day.

I do hope that helps explain what you need to consider when combining both photography and videography on your wedding day.