About me.

I hope we can share your special day together and create some

unforgettable memories together.

I have been a professional photographer for over 15 years, originally completing a degree in photography at Salisbury College of Art.

I combine both wedding photography and food and lifestyle photography, enabling me to stay fresh and as enthusiastic as I did on my first professional assignment many years ago!

I always try approach each new wedding imagining it was my own and what I would want from the photographer I had entrusted to record my special day. The relationship between my client and myself has to be based on mutual trust, we also have to hit it off and be on the same wave length when it comes to the type of photographs I will produce and the clients expectations.

So, I live with my wife, 2 dogs and 2 cats in a beautiful part of SW France. After having spent many years living and working in London and Sydney, relocating to the countryside and a more rural way of life has been inspiring and life affirming. It has also allowed me to indulge my passion for road cycling, a tradition held in such high regard in France that it almost trumps their love of food and wine! With miles and miles of quiet roads and stunning countryside, it is a great way for me to unwind and relax.

When I am not on my bike, I enjoy improving my somewhat limited table tennis skills at a nearby club, meeting and getting to know locals of all ages. It helps improve my French at the same time as (hopefully) improving my forehand smash!

My wife is a food writer and recently she has encouraged me to take up sourdough baking. Having been totally obsessed with sourdough bread since traveling to San Francisco ( the capital of sourdough bread baking) many years ago, I have at last managed to bake the odd really good loaf. It is a challenge, but then I love to challenge myself whether that is at work as a photographer, on my road bike, with bat in hand or when nurturing my sourdough ‘mother’ to make the best bread ever.

The other loves of my life (apart from Louise, my wife, obviously) are our amazing fur kids. Enzo is a mischievous fox terrier mutt as obsessed as his ‘dad’ especially with a ball and Evie our gentle and kind spaniel cross - so much energy and crazy eyes. Both are rescues as are our 2 French cats. Buddy is a big badass boy, a fighter not a lover, found by the roadside when he was a kitten and the lovely but incredibly shy Martha, a semi-feral cat who lives outdoors. Buddy on the other hand, loves his home comforts and can often be found snuggling up with the dogs.

I love living here in France, the pace of life is definitely more relaxed and has enabled me to find that often elusive life/work balance. I am very grateful to find myself here and to be able to be the husband, fur dad, photographer and friend I can.


I’m am easy to work with, I make everyone feel relaxed. I can promise you 2 things - we will have lots of laughs as well as beautiful photo memories that we’ll create together.